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Bentley Presents Nightcall

The launch of Bentley’s GT V8 S was shrouded in mystery ahead of opening. It took place in an abandoned wind tunnel used by Bentley to test the aerodynamics of its last V8–powered car in 1957. The RAF also used the site for crafting such planes as the Spitfire. The tunnel, which had laid dormant for decades, was recently unearthed and opened for exploration once again.


Among four–metre replacement turbine blades, sections of aircraft fuselage and chunky technology of yesteryear, Bentley VIP guests celebrated the Continental GT V8 S launch with a soundtrack provided by Hed Kandi DJs and Naim Audio.

London–based design collective The Light Surgeons were commissioned by WIRED, to set up a bespoke installation paying homage to the building’s past while looking firmly ahead. Visitors could use six microphones to alter visuals projected on to the tunnel’s walls. Relying on a custom–built physics model, the projections replicated the movement of sound waves, bouncing across the walls and merging with other signals picked up by the microphones.

Once through the return duct, guests made their way to the turbine itself. Under the huge blades, party–goers enjoyed an cocktails created by mad scientist Dr Kafka, host for the evening, alongside delicious food from our team.

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