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Candy Crush’s Bouncingham Castle

A seven-metre-tall, jelly-themed bouncy castle appeared on the South Bank at the start of this month, and passers-by were invited to go and jump around on it for free. The castle was created by Jack Morton for King Digital Entertainment’s Candy Crush.


It was all in honour of the launch of the Candy Crush Jelly Saga game. The ‘Bouncingham Castle’ was a big bouncy castle where competitiveness was encouraged, as those who jumped the highest could grab some great prizes.


Guests tucked into a selection of canapes and bowl food dishes, including Home Cured Hendricks’s Gin Salmon with Tonic Caviar on a Blini Pancake, Mini Chorizo Scotch Egg with a Tomato Jam, Mini Beef Burgers with London Kitchen Relish and Home Pickled Cucumber, ‘Posh Cheese on Toast’ Comte Cheese and Red Onion Chutney on Mini Ciabatta Bread, Beetroot Macaroons Filled with St Maure Goats Cheese and lots more.


Noises from the new game were heard when participants bounced on particular squares within the space, which also emitted a raspberry jelly smell and mirrored the squish and wobble movements of a real jelly.

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Photo 29-03-2016, 15 47 48

And the best part? It was adults only, so there was no holding back with those star jumps!

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