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Have You Heard About the Moughnut?

Forget mince pies, this Christmas will be all about the moughnut, a mince pie doughnut hybrid combining the delicious festive flavours of mincemeat with the deep-fried delicacy that is the doughnut. 

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Created exclusively in our Lambeth kitchens, moughnuts were born of our love of baked goods and all things Christmassy. A hot and fluffy shell houses heaps of sweet mincemeat, and is dusted in pine sugar made by our Head Chef out of Lambeth’s finest pine needles, all gathered near our kitchens.

Mince pies not your thing? Well if nothing says Christmas to you like the traditional chocolate orange in your stocking, we’ve got something you won’t want to miss! Take a bite of our second festive hybrid doughnut and reveal a centre of rich chocolate orange. This one’s dusted with orange sugar, a scrumptious new sugar made of dried orange zest blitzed with caster sugar. Chocoholics everywhere, rejoice. 

Our Christmas doughnuts make the perfect winter dessert canapés, or manapés, and an utterly excellent addition to any Christmas party menu. We’ll let you in on a little secret too – they’ve got the added bonus of being 100% guilt free because, as we all know, there are no calories at Christmas! 

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