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How To Carve a Turkey

Turkey is as integral to Christmas as watching Will Ferrell dressed as a giant elf, apologising profusely for shoving 11 cookies into the VCR. It’s the ultimate Christmas dinner, the unrivalled choice for the meal of the year. Carving it, though, is something of an art form. In fact we think it’s so important to get the turkey carving ritual right we’ve created The London Kitchen how to guide, for perfect turkeys every time. You’re welcome.




You Will Need: 

One big warm plate

One pair of scissors

One flexible, frighteningly sharp knife

One carving fork


Step 1: Preparation

Don’t just dive right in as soon as you’ve removed the turkey from the oven. It needs to rest first. Around 20-30 minutes of turkey relaxation should do the trick. Then transfer the bird to your board and remove all the string.


Step 2: The Drumsticks 

Remove these by placing the knife against the thigh and cutting down to the leg’s second joint. Apply pressure to the joint, twist the knife and sever the drumstick. Then repeat on the other leg.


Step 3: The Neck

Slice open the neck cavity to create a hole big enough for you to remove the stuffing without damaging the skin. Then begin scooping out the stuffing, placing it into one of your loveliest serving bowls ready for the table.


Step 4: The Carving Begins

Slice the thigh meat first, this is the darkest and most tender part of the bird, thanks to all those roasting juices. Then slice the breast towards the rib cage, this will be your guide. Then begin slicing down from the top to create perfect medallions of turkey.


Step 9: Time To Serve

Arrange it beautifully on your best turkey plate and bring it to the table. This part is best done wearing a novelty Christmas jumper, or failing that, a paper party hat.


Also we must warn you to be careful wielding that sharp knife. You don’t want to lose a finger at Christmas (or at any other time of the year).

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