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Instaview: Emma

Emma is our Head of Venues, with the responsibility of building relationships with our venues and clients. Emma has previously worked with some of the capitals leading venues giving her a great knowledge of the spaces on offer. With a passion for all things foodie coming from a background in food television, she can often be found out looking for next craze in food or whipping up something tasty in the kitchen.

Her last meal? To start Emma would have venison tartare with chocolate sauce, for her main it had to be the classic fish and chips with lashings of salt & vinegar and ketchup, and to finish Emma would go with our new prosecco and berry jelly with lavender shortbread. Sounds delicious!

We took a look at Emma’s instagram for an insight into her world!


The NTA’s 2016 – such an amazing night with great company, including Paul O’Grady #photobomb



My job entails a lot of these…breakfast/coffee meetings and this is one of my favourite places, Grounded Coffee Company in Whitechapel.



I am a huge fan of gin and when it’s time to make your own sloe gin I go a little OTT! This year experimenting with different processes, this year the big question is do you add sugar to taste after or stick with the good old 1/3 rule. Will let you know! 



Just in case you ever need reminding.
Having lived for over 10 years in this amazing city, it is still a joy – and a rare one at that when you get an entire tube carriage to yourself. Such luxury!
Breakfast is the best meal of the day when you get the chance to convince yourself that you will burn off all that you consume so it’s ok to stuff your face full. Pancakes are my favourite when I have the time to make them.
I adore Greece. This is one of my favourite beaches on one of my favourite islands, Kefalonia. It comes with its own beach bar for when the sun gets too hot (never for me) and you need a cool and refreshing beer.


I try to do this every day but this took on another meaning when I visited Alcoholic Architecture by Bompas and Parr. The breathable cloud of a cocktail was a new experience for me – I have no idea what the cocktail was though?!

If there is one sport I can really get involved with its tennis. Obviously I am an expert with pimms and strawberries, I would love to say the same about playing but believe it’s best to stick where your strengths lie.

When I get the chance to head back home to my parents place in the summer it is to our outside where we spend most of our time, eating drinking and catching up until the small hours.


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