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Seven Sandwiches to Make Your Mouth Water

Did you know there’s a Belfast café serving up crisp sandwiches to lucky locals? Customers at the café can pick from 35 different crisp varieties, with plenty of lesser-known crisp varieties on the menu. A brilliant idea, we’re sure you’ll agree!

The Belfast café has inspired us to find out all about our team’s favourite sandwiches, and their creativity hasn’t disappointed us. Here are the London Kitchen’s top sarnies, give them a try:




The Chip Butty

There’s no sandwich greater than the chip butty. Damian’s favourite is a triple cooked chip butty on bread from artisan bakery Brick House, which specialises in handmade sourdough. Of course it’s not complete without a dollop of tomato ketchup. And don’t forget – it has to be Heinz.


Chef Fernando
The Focaccia Grill

Every summer Fernando grows cherry tomatoes and fresh basil in his garden. He also makes focaccia at home; it’s so easy because it does not require proving. Fernando loves parma ham, Old Winchester cheese, sliced cherry tomatoes and a branch of fresh basil (stalks and everything) in focaccia, just put it all on the grill.


The Bacon Butty 

There are few sandwiches to rival the epic bacon butty, but Jay thinks he’s cracked it. Take good quality thick smoked back bacon, add smashed avocado and chopped egg and serve on wholegrain multiseed bread. A little mayo is essential here, too.


The Fish Finger Sub  

Some comfort food is so satisfying it’s like getting a warm hug, and the fish finger sandwich is definitely one of these. Ami’s favourite is a Fish Finger Butty with Philadelphia cheese and ketchup. She tells us it works. Can’t argue with that!


The Open-Faced Ham and Cheese

Rye bread is a great base for open-faced sandwiches. Iwona recommends smoked ham, Edam cheese, sliced sour cucumber and a bit of mustard to give it a kick. A posh sandwich indeed.


The Christmas Roll 

Nothing says Christmas like great food – and lots of it! Emma loves this sandwich because she has it but once a year. On the evening of Christmas Day she’ll tuck into a Christmas sourdough, piled high with leftover turkey, avocado and stuffing.


The New BLT

Jamie’s preferred sandwich turns the classic BLT on its head. Instead of simple bacon lettuce and tomato, Jamie takes thick cut wholemeal bread and adds bacon, rocket, sundried tomatoes and herb mayonnaise or homemade pesto.



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