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Our Team Picks the Best Coffee in London

A great coffee is a work of art. Once you’ve found it, it’s pretty hard to forget. Thankfully, there are plenty of standout coffee shops in the capital. Here are our team’s tips for the ultimate caffeine fix.


Damian – Soho Grind

soho grind

I love this vibrant Soho coffee shop – for me it’s always a traditional Australian flat white.



Jay – Tower 47


I’m a Black Americano – but it has to be at Tower 47, they do this weird and wonderful brewing method through scientific flasks and tubes.



Emma – Tap

Tap sources the finest ingredients they can find and use tricky, often painstaking methods to create their coffees. I love a frothy cappuccino made with almond or soya milk.



Ed – Climpson and Sons

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.14.34

This Hackney shop serves the best coffee ever – the queues out the door attest to that. Considering I drink at least eight cups a day I need the good stuff!



Jen – The Sandwich Man

sandwich man

I like to treat myself to a Friday cappuccino from this coffee shop near TLK HQ!


Abi – South Bank Food Market

food market

There was a Brazilian coffee stand as part of a food market on the Southbank and on a chalk board it stated, “this is the best coffee in London, if not the world…” The queue was long, the service slow and I paid £3.80 for a tiny cappuccino, but it honestly was the best coffee I had ever had!



Bonnie – Rabot 1745 in Borough Market


This place is technically a chocolate shop, but it also has an excellent café and lovely restaurant. The flat white is excellent but the star of the show is a cappuccino; you get to put as many chocolate flakes on as you so desire from the large selection at the end of the bar. It’s especially good after a walk along the Thames Path or, if it’s raining, sitting at the window seat with a letter from home. The interior decoration feels like a warm hug.


Sally – The French Tarte in Surbiton

french tarte

It’s next door to (and part of) The French Table, which featured on Gordon Ramsay’s best UK restaurants. It’s a cappuccino all the way for me – except the few times when only a hot chocolate will do!



Andy – Monmouth, Borough Market


I love Americano – and you can’t beat one of London’s most famous coffee shops, Monmouth Coffee in Borough Market. The Jing Tea is awesome too.



Jamie – Four Corners Café, Waterloo

four corners

It’s got to be a latte from this lovely coffee shop in Waterloo.


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