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The Barbecue Guide

Barbecue season is almost upon up, so it’s time to sharpen up those all-important BBQ skills and brush up on your technique, with some advice from our talented chefs!




Get organised

Make sure you’ve got all the correct equipment, plenty of space and a way to separate your raw and fresh meat before you begin. Food poisoning is not what we’re going for this summer.


It’s all in the marinade

Pick a flavourful marinade and prepare your meat ahead of time for best results – marinade overnight if you can. You can leave meat to marinade in the fridge in strong plastic bags. Rub or shake off any excess before cooking.


Rest the meat

Just like a professional chef would, you need to rest your grilled meat for a few minutes before serving.



You would always season food when cooking, so it’s no different if you’re barbecuing. Seasoning is key.


Don’t leave the BBQ

Once you’ve lit your barbecue, make sure you stick with it, it’s safer and will make sure your food doesn’t get burnt. Think of it as kitchen theatre – if you stay by the grill, you can count on guests coming over to take a look and offer their own advice too.


Simplicity is Key

If you go for great, seasonal produce you won’t need to mess around with complex flavours. Let the fresh, quality ingredients take centre stage.


Make Sure Meat is Fully Cooked

To test this, cut into the centre of your meat and make sure the juices are running clear before serving.


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