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Theme Traders’ Secret Party

It was a Freaky Thursday last week as art, design and production company Theme Traders presented its secret party.


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Held at the company’s North London HQ, the promotional event was inspired by the magic of childhood birthday parties, with different themed rooms for guests to explore and plenty of nostalgic food courtesy of our team. In attendance were members of the press, venue partners and clients.

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Guests arrived on a school bus and the party began as they were lead to a room filled with balloons and treated to slices of neon rainbow birthday cake along with retro filled with sandwich squares, crusts of course!

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In the Crayon Room guests could try their hand at some artistic childhood favourites, feasting on edible Play-Doh served in authentic Play-Doh pots.

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Treats were suspended from hanging threads, these included chocolate covered strawberries, mini toffee apples smothered in hundreds and thousands, chocolates and glitter, and alternating pink and blue popcorn.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 13.54.07

Honey-coated chipolatas were served on sticks on a retro tinfoil stand. There were also jelly limes with popping candy, sweet and savoury macaroons and gingerbread men with a naughty twist, served from mysterious hands, which popped out of doors in the wall. In the Sugar High Room guests were served chocolate cake pop balls with sprinkles and popping candy.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 13.55.38


You couldn’t have a good old-fashioned birthday party without cupcakes, but last night’s cupcakes were not as they seemed. Guests discovered a twist when they bit into their cakes – a savoury twist!

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 13.54.39

Guests could tuck into a chocolate, bacon and maple cake, or go totally savoury – cheese mousse icing topped the spinach and feta, and the ‘red velvet’ cakes were in fact beetroot and goat’s cheese. The night ended with a good old-fashioned food fight with three towering cakes provided by our hosts!

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To hear more about the unique party food our team can create for your next event give us a call on 020 3267 1198.

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