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Seven Best Biscuits for Dunking

It’s no secret that we Brits love our tea. A nice cup of tea and a sit down and we’re happy as Larry.

We like our tea so much that sometimes we struggle to believe that it can be improved. But we all know it can, with the addition of a biscuit. A biscuit dunked in tea… well Larry himself couldn’t be happier.

The dunking of a biscuit is a potential minefield, though. All too often we have seen people fall at the first hurdle. They choose an incorrect biscuit; one that is not suitable for dunking, not strong like its other baked friends. Off they go, dunking away, blissfully unaware of the catastrophe that is to come.

Once the incorrect biscuit is dunked there is no going back. It’s desperately sad. All we can do is look hopelessly on as the poor fellow struggles to survive the heat, before he snaps in two, sending one soggy half plunging into the bottom of their lovely brew.

You see, you can’t just go dunking any old biscuit. There are some biscuits which were made to be dunked. They are confident as they approach the tea, they know they can handle this. Whereas other biscuits… well don’t even think about dunking a fragile biscuit. You shall rue the day.

In order to avoid future biscuit related calamities we have come together to produce the definitive list of approved biscuits for dunking. These are the biscuits that can take the heat, the ones to look out for. These…are the biscuits of the future.




Rich Tea

This is a biscuit that knows its purpose. It’s so confident of its ability to dunk that it includes the word ‘tea’ in its title. You can’t argue with that.


The Ginger Nut

A controversial choice yet a fine dunker. The ginger nut is a strong specimen, packing inordinate amounts of crunch even after dunking.


The Hobnob

A great all round biscuit. It contains some oats, so you may kid yourself into believing in some form of health benefit from hobnob dunking. There aren’t any, but it’s a smashing biscuit nonetheless. Sturdy, sweet and even comes in chocolatey varieties. What’s not to love?



A European take on the tea and biscuits affair. This one’s a bit la-di-da, it’s not even the same shape as other biscuits. The biscotti is very crunchy because its been baked twice, which we think affords it an unfair advantage. Still good for dunking, though.
Note: May make tea taste funny.


The Digestive

The original health food, our humble digestive biscuit is great for dunking, but it must be done at speed. The digestive can withstand only a little heat before being completely obliterated by the intensity of the experience. Only a light dunking is permitted.


The Chocolate Digestive

This one’s worth the risk. Time is of the essence with the dunking of the chocolate digestive. The biscuit must be dunked just long enough to secure maximum melted chocolatiness, but not too long, for the digestive is a fragile soul. Experienced dunkers only, please.



The wild card. This biscuit is Dutch, and does not even go with tea, preferring to be paired with coffee. Actually we’re not sure it’s even a biscuit. Surprisingly it still made it on to this list. But before you wander away in disgust, listen up – the stroopwafel does have a usage. You see, this ‘biscuit’ is in fact a wafer which sits atop another wafer which sits atop a layer of caramel. Thus the stroopwafel, when held above a cup of coffee, creates a delicious melted biscuit type thing. Give it a try if you’re feeling adventurous.


And now, ladies and gentleman, we believe it’s time for tea.

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