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Where to Get the Best Fish and Chips in London

Happy National Fish and Chips Day!

If there’s one thing that unites the people of this green and pleasant land it’s a love of fish and chips. There’s nothing like it. We are willing to bet that no human being is immune to its greasy, delicious charms.


We often spend our Fridays dreaming of the evening that will come, where we will descend upon London’s finest fish and chip shops in search of giant hulks of fish enveloped in their crunchy jackets of batter.



In fact, we are so keen on this most traditional of British dinners that we have decided to conduct extensive research into where Londoners can buy the very best deep-fried delicacies. (This has been done for the good of all, and not because we are a greedy bunch).


Some notes about our research:

Fish and chips is only good and proper if it adheres to the following rules:

1) Fish must be accompanied by more chips than any human could ever hope to eat.

2) All items must be doused with lashings of salt and vinegar.

3) Accompaniments such as gherkins must be served. These significantly enhance the flavour and joy of the fish and chips event.

4) Money must absolutely not be charged for condiments such as ketchup. We do not approve of this practise, in fact we wonder if it can be made illegal?

5) Extra points can be obtained if fish and chips are wrapped in newspaper like a little present. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the done thing these days due to health and safety or some such nonsense.

We have heard a rumour that more than 255 million portions of chips are sold in fish and chip shops each year. Our research has been responsible for a good proportion of that.




Fish on the Hill
Harrow on the Hill, HA1 2AT

A traditional fish and chips shop with a secret recipe, offering a broad seafood menu. Fish on the hill will even make your chips extra crispy if you wish!


Fish House
126-128 Lauriston Road, E9 7LH

A retro chippy with an adjacent upmarket fish restaurant. Responsibly sourced for an eco-friendly take on the Great British takeaway. Even the chips have had the stamp of approval from the British Potato Council!


Sea Shell of Lisson Grove
49-51 Lisson Grove, NW1 6UH

A grown up take on the traditional fish and chips, Sea Shell offers take-away treats as well as a restaurant. A good choice for the green fish and chip feaster, Sea Shell seeks to ensure that your meal is as environmentally-friendly as it is enjoyable through serving conscientiously-sourced products.


513 Old York Road, SW18 1TF
The freshest fish, cooked simply has led to Brady’s being nominated 3 times for ‘Best Budget Meal’


65 – 69 Norwood Road, Herne Hill, SE24 9AA

An upmarket take on the traditional takeaway, Olley’s resembles a Mediterranean taverna and have got their fish and chips down to a fine art. Expect friendly service and some of the best fish and chips in London.


38 Muswell Hill Broadway, N10 3RT

This Muswell Hill establishment prides itself on serving the freshest fish straight from the UK’s fish docks. The restaurant has won Best Fish and Chips in the UK, voted by the Seafish Industry Authority and the British Potato Council. Toff’s has also been featured in all good food guides with special praise from Egon Ronay, the father of all food critics.


So there you have it, London’s best chippies! Well the best we’ve found so far, anyway. In order to ensure we haven’t missed anyone off the list, we shall continue researching this very important issue for the foreseeable future. We suggest you do the same.

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